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Picture of an irrigation contractor at workMembership of the British Turf and Landscape Irrigation Association gives you the opportunity to promote its benefits to your customers. Among these benefits are the fact that, as a Member, you are expected to:

  • strive to improve systems and service standards
  • represent the more progressive companies in the industry using the latest products and techniques
  • have the administrative, training and management infrastructures to provide the best all-round service
  • comply with the design standards laid down by the Association
  • employ staff with formal training in amenity irrigation
  • submit full technical information to allow for fair comparisons of quotations in addition to subscribing to the Association's Code of Ethics.
  • be prepared to be subjected to the Association's monitoring of compliance with correct quotation documentation. The information required to be submitted with each quotation is shown here:

As a Member of the BTLIA, you are able to participate in our educational programme.

Should a customer be dissatisfied, the BTLIA also has a formal complaints procedure.


Who can apply for Membership of the BTLIA?

Membership of the BTLIA is open to contractors, distributors, consultants and suppliers to the amenity irrigation business.


Types of Membership

Four types of membership are available:

  • Full
  • Provisional
  • Associate
  • Honorary

See a definition of the different membership categories...

You can obtain full details of how you qualify, along with the Association's Code of Ethics, by completing our Membership Application Form.





The Secretary
41 Pennine Way
Great Eccleston

Tel: +44(0)1995 670675


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